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"Scott delivers another sensitive, touching look at the trials and tribulations of modern military life at Fort Hood, Texas with the fourth Coming Home contemporary (after Back to You), tackling military suicides and the macho culture that contributes to them.

"Scott displays a deft touch with her main and supporting characters, and a realistic, moving development of Reza and Emily's romance. Readers will ache, cheer, and worry in all the right places." ~Publishers Weekly (starred review)

He trains men for war…

The only thing Sergeant First Class Reza Iaconelli cares about is taking care of his men and making sure they’re ready for the next combat deployment to the Surge in Iraq. Nothing will stand in the way of him taking care of his soldiers — especially not some direct commission captain who doesn’t even know how to put on her body armor. He has no idea what she’s even doing in the Army, other than getting under his skin.

She’ll fight for his men…

Army Captain Emily Lindberg knows one thing about the Army and that is it is terrible about taking care of its Soldiers. She may not know much about the Army but when Sergeant Iaconelli attempts to tell her how to do her job, she’ll stand up to the big NCO and dare him to be better than he thinks he is. Behind the angry exterior, she sees a man who’s hiding — using war as a means to escape the demons from his past.

He needs her more than he knows…

When one of his soldiers commits suicide, Reza faces his toughest challenge yet. As his efforts to remain sober start to fail, he’ll need to find the strength to ask her for the one thing she alone can give him — and it may be more than he’s capable of.


"Jessica Scott's novels are beautifully written, honestly authentic, and richly emotional."

--JoAnn Ross, New York Times Bestselling Author

"Top Pick Review! This is another excellent addition to the emotional and heartfelt stories that comprise this series and I look forward to reading even more by this wonderfully talented author who has allowed us to get a brief glance into a world that is often very foreign to those of us who benefit from the sacrifices made by so many brave individuals."

--Night Owl Romance (Top Pick review) on All For You

"ALL FOR YOU is the latest in the Coming Home series, giving fans something to really sink their teeth into. Delving into the subject of how a war-torn soldier adjusts to life after battle really pulls on the heartstrings. Scott is a master at creating characters who are made for one another."

--RT Book Reviews on All For You