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Autographed mass market paperback! Last chance to get the paperback edition before it goes out of print!

A portion of every sale will go to provide scholarships for veterans to participate in Veterans Yoga Project Mindful Resilience training!

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She plays by the rules . . .

Army Major Olivia Hale believes in following the process for one simple reason — the rules are simple and clear. And she’ll fight to the death to bring those who break those rules to justice. But when she runs straight into Army captain Ben Teague, she finds herself tempted, for the first time in her life, to break those rules.

. . . and he's about to break every one of them…

Company Commander Ben Teague has a way of getting under people’s skin — he’s a smart ass but no one cares more about taking care of his troops than he does. He’s got a low tolerance for the bureaucratic rules that keep him from doing his job. When a trusted friend is brought up on charges, Ben is ready to risk his reputation and his career in his defense.

When everything Ben believes in is exposed to be a lie, he’ll turn to the one person he last expected. And the rules she believes in just may save them both — or damn them both to hell.


"4 stars! Scott has a special way of writing a realistic, inspiring and emotional story that readers will lose themselves in. The characters are authentic and genuine."―RT Book Reviews

“Ms. Scott does a great job bringing hope in the midst of this chaotic Army life. I am always intrigued and entertained with each book she writes. Well done, Ms. Scott.” ~ Under the Covers

“Book Hangover. Huge book hangover. I think it has to do with the fact that I don't have a Jessica Scott novel to look forward to, to read in the next couple of months…Ms. Scott combines the reality of military life and tempers it with incredible passion. She takes serious and current issues within the military and gives us a peek into that world and I want more. I want Gale Sorren's yesterday.” ~ Mandy | Straight Shootin Book Reviews

“Jessica Scott is one author who knows how to make my emotions go haywire whenever I read her books. She creates characters that I feel for and loves automatically because of their struggles and strengths. She manages to put characters together that help each other in some way.” ~ Franjessca | Book Lovin Mamas

“I cannot praise Jessica Scott’s Coming Home series enough. I have raved about each book in this series. Jessica Scott combines military careers, civilian life, people with very real problems, and trying to build happy lives in situations that are very hard for those they love….It’s Always Been You by Jessica Scott is another powerful book in the Coming Home series.” ~ Smut Book Junkies

“Once again, Jessica Scott is able to deliver on the terrible effects that war has on soldiers. Only she can get inside our heads and make us feel the terrible emotions that the soldiers are subjected to. I find her writing to always be thought provoking and her storylines to be exciting. I highly recommend this amazing story and really anything by JS! Another hit!” ~ Ramblings from This Chick